6 Tips For Moving Like a Pro

June 25, 2018


So, you think you want to move? It's daunting, but doable. We recently made a hour and some minutes move for work. I never realized how much junk we had in our old house- until I had to find a bag or box for everything. I should make a post about not being a borderline hoarder, but I think I'll wait on that one! We had a budget & we definitely wanted more money to spend on home decor- instead of boxes and other fees. I also didn't want to spend a lot of time doing this, seeing as I only had one day with the help of my boyfriend, and another two by myself before returning to work. Here are the 6 tips I used for us when moving:

1. Ask, don't buy.

We asked our current jobs to hold boxes after each store delivery. (Hooray for working in retail, for once!) If this isn't an option- then most stores will gladly take your info, and keep some for you. This works for bubble wrap too!  Also, liquor stores serve more than one purpose when moving; they have GREAT boxes. Super sturdy, because of carrying heavy glass bottles!


2.  What else are friends for?

In our case, I did most of the packing when not at work. However, getting it in and out of the U-Haul was what we needed help with. Call all your friends and family to ask for help. Odds are they know you're moving, and would love to help. (Always feed, or offer to feed the help though! Say it's a packing party..pizza included! Who could say no to that?) Our parents, and a friend helped us the day of- they were our life savers. 


3. Color code the boxes!

This tip was my saving grace. It made everyone's lives' involved so much easier. I got post-it notes of different colors to put on the corners of the boxes. Each room of the house had a specific color assigned to it. Blue for living room, yellow for bedroom, etc. It made unloading everything go by so smoothly. I could almost move again....almost.


4. Don't grocery shop.

But, how will we eat?? I love food as much as anyone else, trust me, but I didn't like the idea of transporting my fridge contents an hour away. I usually only grocery shop once or twice a month anyways, but this time I made sure we had enough to do until the week or two before moving. Then we reduced ourselves to frozen dinners, sandwiches, and takeout. I did have some food left to take with us though. I bought the $1.00 hot/cold bags from Walmart to store what was leftover. My pantry contents were mostly canned items, so I used clear plastic totes instead of boxes to prevent a disaster.


5. Don't put off unpacking!

You just spent forever packing, loading, then unloading. Now you have to unpack! Arguably the hardest part. To me, I was excited to have a new and cute place to make OUR own. (I had previously moved in with my boyfriend who had already made it his own.) I had pretty much everything done by the next day. My lovely stepmother helped a TON. It was such a relief. Unfortunately, our dresser was still in storage, so our clothes were still packed up- other than uniforms.  Even then, the apartment felt like home on the second day.


6. First Day Box

I had found where someone had made a first day box for the first day in the new home. It consisted of essential items you'd need handy without busting open every box to find it. I made ours with a clear tote to make it more noticeable. In it was: paper towels, Lysol wipes, scissors, box cutter, light bulbs, extension cord, Mr. Clean multi-purpose cleaner, cleaning rags, the color code key for the boxes, toilet paper, trash bags, and disposable plates & utensils.

I know there are a million more tips, but I hope these help you with your upcoming move! 

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