7 Lucky Job Interview Tips

June 26, 2018

I chose this topic because we recently moved for work. Cecil’s work, that is. So, I had to find other means of employment. I had worked in the pharmacy just over a year with one company. Close to home, loved everyone there, decent money, and I was established. Unfortunately, this company did not have a store close to where we were moving. I hate starting new jobs, and going through the entire process. I started my search, and it seemed like every time I thought I had found something, it would fall through. Then one day, I received 3 phone calls of pharmacies wanting to set up interviews! So I strategically set them up, and started my planning. Luckily, the first interview landed me my current job. These are just what my friends and family have always told me, and what I learned in school. Feel free to add your own.


1. Maintain eye contact.

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s often forgotten. It lets the interviewer know you are listening, AND interested in the conversation. But, don’t stare them down. Too much can be a bad thing.


2. A well polished appearance.

Don’t show up sloppy and rushed looking. It looks unprofessional, and they will think the same of your work performance.


3. Let the last thing they see be your face.

I know this sounds weird, but don’t just turn your back to them and walk away afterwards. If that is the only option to get out of building, then turn around to thank them one more time before heading out the door. Give them every opportunity to remember your face.


4. Send a follow-up thank you.

Whether it’s an e-mail, card, or phone call just do it. It lets them know you are genuinely interested and care. It also gives them one last chance to have your name stand out from the rest. Address them by name, thank them for their time, reiterate your interest in joining the team, and do this as soon as possible. I’ve heard of some people writing it beforehand, bringing it with them, and mailing it directly after the interview. Smart!


5. Research the company/position

Nothing is more embarrassing to me than being caught off guard by something I know nothing about. Take some time to research a little about who you will be working for. After all, you’ll be a part of it. It also gives you some insight of what you’ll be expected to do. It also lets them know you aren’t just sitting there to receive a paycheck.


6. Ask questions!

Interviewers aren’t the only ones allowed to ask the questions. Use the information you gained from tip #5, and put it to use! Come up with a handful of questions to ask, and pick one or two that haven’t been answered so far. You’ll definitely stand out from the rest this way.


7. Don’t be nervous.

Seriously, it shows. I know by me saying this, your nerves won’t just magically go away. Try some breathing exercises beforehand. Or, ask a trusted friend or family member to do a mock interview for you to practice. I find that one to be very beneficial. Just try not to come across as nervous and fidgety to the interviewer. Fake it ‘till you make it. They are human too, so build it up so much.


I hope this helps for anyone preparing for an interview soon. Good luck!


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