Gifts For All Occasions

July 7, 2018

Why is it that I feel like I am always planning a gift for someone all the time? Probably because I am! Birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, weddings, Valentine's day...why so many?! Whatever the time of year, you will need a gift at some point. These ideas are some of my favorites that I have gave and received throughout the years. Some are D.I.Y, but moderately easy.  I chose this topic because my birthday is coming up and every keeps asking what I want. Truthfully, I want a million dollars and a nap. Since that isn't going to happen anytime soon, here are some ideas:

Personal Gift Basket

I like this one because it can be done last minute if needed.  Just fill a basket, bag, box, cup, etc. with the person's favorite snacks, colors, and little miscellaneous items. It shows you pay attention to their interests, while giving them a little of everything they could want. 



Who doesn't love food?? I know this sounds basic and boring, but it can be the most fun. It can be a close occasion for just the two of you, or make it a group event! (Make sure the guest of honor loves the food and location of course.) This one can be kept at home in many ways as well. You could offer to cook for the person, or have a game night at home with takeout. Any way you do it, it's still going to be fun and thoughtful.


Money or Gift Cards

I've been guilty of answering the 'what do you want' question with money, as well as guilty of gifting money to others. It's so easy! However, you can make this as creative as you'd like. I've seen money taped to the inside of a pizza box, coming out of a tissue dispenser, locked in a maze puzzle, and made into a bouquet. You really can do whatever you'd like with this one. They are going to want it no matter what!



Sometimes the best gifts, aren't gifts at all. This one can be pricey, so I recommend planning ahead, saving, and checking Groupon. They have all kinds of experiences, getaways, and services for super cheap. I was able to go skydiving one year! Just make sure you know what they would be comfortable with. Not everyone wants to jump out of a plane.


Pay attention! 

I know I'm not the only one that drops hints. Pay attention to what they are interested in. You might be able to snag them something they've wanted forever, or something they really need. In my opinion, I love when my family buys me stuff I need, but don't necessarily want. It just takes the dread out of buying it myself. One of my favorite birthday presents, was my grandma filling up the gas in my car. 


Get Crafty!

I told you there was D.I.Y. in here! I love giving and receiving handmade gifts. It shows effort, and thoughtfulness. Even when you think it is a Pinterest fail, I promise the person receiving it will love and appreciate the effort put into it. Speaking of Pinterest, they have endless ideas for handmade gifts. These are two examples of my handmade for our anniversary, and the other is a  coworkers baby shower gift:


Personalized or Monogrammed Gifts

This idea works best with weddings and baby showers. It's nice to receive something customized with the new names involved with both of these occasions. The newlyweds will want something of their own to put in their first home together, and it can even be customized with the date. I, personally, am a fan of funny baby onesies. The baby items can be customized with the name, birth date, baby's size and arrival time at birth. It creates a nice memory for the person receiving. 



This one requires a bit more planning than others, but a collection of mementos of times spent together. You could cheat by saving pictures from social media and finding stuff online for the places visited, but the real deal is so much cooler. For our first Valentine's day, I had saved ticket stubs & other things from our adventures, as well as pictures, and created a scrapbook that is still being added to. You don't necessarily have to make a scrapbook of everything- a picture collage would be just as neat, and heartfelt for the person receiving it.


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