Summer Bucket List!

July 8, 2018

Summer Bucket List

  1. Try a new recipe

  2. Go camping... Bonnaroo definitely counts, but we are planning another camping trip!

  3. Make s’mores

  4. Fireworks!...Happy 4th of July!

  5. Host a bbq...Does pulled pork in the Crockpot count?

  6. Buy a tourist shirt... Bonnaroo first timer, here!

  7. Read a new book... The Memory of Light by Fransisco X. Stork

  8. Go to the pool... It's right next to my apartment!

  9. Act like a kid... Cecil's birthday was spent playing laser tag, bowling, and arcade games! (Complete with photo booth photos)

  10. Home spa Day

  11. Drive in movie

  12. Ride a Ferris wheel... Bonnaroo for the win again!

  13. Try a new ice cream flavor

  14. CAtch fireflies

  15. Make a summer playlist

  16. Explore your city

  17. Visit a farmer’s market

  18. Send snail mail... My best friend moved to across the country to Washington (She's a lovely Navy wife)

  19. Tie dye shirts

  20. Go stargazing

  21. Make a new cocktail 

I will update this with the rest that I haven't completed yet. Feel free to use mine or make your own!


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