5 Tips for a Bad Day

July 17, 2018

Picking yourself up on a down day. It’s one of those things that’s easier said than done, unfortunately. We all have those days where it just didn't go the way we wanted it. This is my day: phones ringing, drive thru buzzing, lines never ending, and patients yelling. Then I go home... away from all that, and the house is a mess, dinner needs to be cooked, the dog needs walked and all of the attention (he thinks). Life in a retail pharmacy is rough sometimes. These days can be exhausting, and hard on your body and mind. These are some of the things I do to help on these “lovely” days:


Soak it up!

I look forward to soaking in a hot bath. It’s my favorite part of the day, other than getting into bed. Make it fun or as relaxing as you’d like. I usually use bubbles or bath bombs as well as candles. (Candles around the house in general can be very relaxing.)  Occasionally, a playlist on a low volume. Some evenings, a glass of wine joins me. If you aren’t a bath person, then a nice hot shower should wash away the bad day just as well.


 Do some light cleaning.

I know cleaning isn’t the best thing in the world but trust me. Just straighten up the house a bit, and you’ll feel less stressed out than sitting in a completely messy house. Don’t worry about deep cleaning, just hit the high spots. Your future self will thank you.


     Make your favorite food.

This might not be possible if you haven’t been to the grocery store, but if you're able, then go for it! Something about your favorite food for dinner just makes everything better.


    Play with your pet!

Umm..hello!! You have a best friend that literally never judges and thinks you're the greatest thing in the world!! Give them some well deserved attention, and they will be sure to return the favor. Gandalf loves to play in the floor with me, get the zoomies, and snuggle on the couch afterwards. It’s the best therapy...possibly for us both.


    Go to bed early.

“Have you tried turning it off, and back on again?” Technology isn’t the only thing needing a restart. Sometimes, the day was so rough, that after the pizza is delivered, you just go to bed. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. It’s kind of nice, though it shouldn’t be done all the time.


I know, these probably won’t work for everyone, but they work for me. I hope you don’t have too many down days!



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